Comfort Care Coalition's Affiliates

Comfort Care Coalition (CCC) Affiliates share a mission of education and advocacy that helps Mid-Southerners live comfortably and peacefully at the end of life. CCC Affiliates express our shared mission by bringing resources, time, and energy to this work.  The resources of CCC Affiliates come to the CCC in several ways. Each Coalition Affiliate will choose its own level of involvement in various CCC activities. Some of these include:

Serving on one or more of the CCC task forces/committees that are created to fulfill the organization’s mission and goals.

Affiliates may help in sponsoring meetings, providing meeting space, helping the CCC create written materials, or serving on a speaker’s team.

Sharing information with their constituents by publishing updates about the CCC in their own publications. Affiliates will be recognized in CCC publications, on the website, and at public forums.

Helping to raise funds to support CCC activities by devising creative funding ideas, identifying available grants, and/or making financial contributions.

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